A Created Crime

originally posted 12/28/2008

My son was arrested last May because of a Police Sting out of Florida. His picture was put on the local media in Oklahoma as a sex offender before he was even charged with a crime. What happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty? I don’t think that applies in this country anymore. After being taken to Florida, the so-called Public Defender assigned to his case told his wife that he was guilty and would probably spend 8 to 10 years in Prison. I assume the Public Defender was going to do nothing to help him which forced us to obtain an attorney and spend all the savings we had to do so in order to help our son. His attorney called this a “Created Crime”, created by the police. It’s as if there is not enough crime in this country so the police create new crimes, I guess we really do live in a Police State, not a free country. He is now facing 2 years in Prison in Florida. He never touched anyone inappropriately, has never been in any trouble with the law his whole life and now faces being branded as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life because he made a stupid mistake. No other person involved, except for a cop, whose job it is to go online and entrap men into committing a crime. The cops encourage this and lie, but I guess that is ok, since they are the so-called law. My son has a wife and 2 kids that are being destroyed by this. He lost his job, when he was arrested and their health insurance was lost with it. Without his income, they may lose their home. They are the real victims of this created crime and it’s just not right. Please tell us what we can do to help our son and what can be done to stop this kind of thing happening to other families. I have no respect for the police or the Justice System anymore. After all, Florida is the state where a young female school teacher actually had sex with an underage boy and never went to prison. My son is spending 2 years in their prison system and he never even touched anyone, does that sound like Justice?

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