Confused and Beaten Down

originally posted 12/28/2008

I, too, am the Mother of an adult son who was convicted of having(very old) child pornography on his computer. The FBI had no conclusive proof of this, just a hint.

None the less, they went to “visit” my son, and being the honest person he is, he admitted them to his home and spoke with them. (They did not have a warrant, because they didn’t have proof; but coerced my son into a signed confession of possesion and confiscated two computers, then came back 2 1/2 years later to arrest him.)

My son is 1 year into a 97 month sentence for 2 counts of possession. His 97 months may as well be a life sentence,although he does have the support of his two sisters, his father and myself along with a few really good friends who know he is NOT a sex offender, even though the laws passed by our “congress” say he is. I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell our friends and family (he lived in another state) although most know something is wrong.

I have been diagnosed with depression and am on medication and have lost over 50 pounds. Yes, the families of the convicted go through the sentence in other ways.

I have learned not to trust the police, the FBI and any other branch of government, they are devious and embelish their accusations (all within the “law”). I realized this when I witnessed a U S Attroney and the public defender talking and laughing in the court room before my son’s plea. That frightened me tremendously and we decided then and there to get a private attorney, but as I said previously, the judge had already made his decision on a sentence before any of us spoke on behalf of my son.

I am really hoping this web site is legitimate and not a trap. How can I be sure you are not trying to work against people such as my son? After all, the internet was the vehicle my son used and now he is in prison.

The judge who sentenced my son, clearly, had no mercy. He was biased against anyone who viewed child pornography, and was livid my son had so many good letters written by friends and sent to him through the attorney. Those of us in the court room realized the judge had his mind made up before my son went before him.

I am confused and beaten down. I want to help but don’t know how.

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  1. comment originally posted shortly after original posting

    Comment from Brent
    To the mother of an accused Sex Offender,
    I just read your story on RSOL. There is a site that you will find many others in your situation. It is: You will find there a group called: Families of Sex Offenders the address is: This group is just what the title states. A group of people that found themselves in the same place as you. Many are falsely accused or trapped as your son was.
    Please give this group a shot. I think that you will find many people there with good ideas, open hearts and understanding.

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