Hounded All My Life


Sex offenders are victims of a modern day witch hunt. Special laws are created and tailored to destroy anyone labeled a sex offender. One can only wonder, where is our Civil Liberties Union. Instead of defending the rights of Americans who have become victims of this witch hunt they choose to spend their time defending terrorists. Shouldn’t our rights be defended before those of a foreigner who wants to do nothing more than kill all Americans?

In 1981 I was arrested for a violent sex crime and ultimately spent over 14 years in prison and am now classified as a violent sex offender. I will add that no life was lost, for those that might wonder. I was railroaded and spent years fighting my case. After years of filing motions and petitions it taught me that the judicial system will go out of its way and sidestep the law to rule against you if you are right.

At present I am 52 years old. I have never been in trouble with the law in my entire life except for this one time. After over 14 years in prison and two years on parole I figured all this stuff would soon be behind me and I could once again move on with my life. Was I ever wrong.

I have been hounded most of my life now and have somewhat gotten used to it. I still can get frustrated though when I think about it too much.

Those of you just starting down this road have absolutely no idea of the hell you are going to face. I feel for everyone tagged as a sex offender because as it stands now, regardless of the situation, they will never be able to live a normal life. Unless laws change, you will forever live the life of an outcast. What I have seen over the years on this issue is truly sad.

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