The Conversion of a Parole Agent

originally posted 3/12/2009

Agent Jim stopped by the house yesterday as it’s his last week as Mike’s parole agent. He wanted to wish Mike the best of luck with the flooring business and told him it was a pleasure to be his agent over the past year.

As we were talking, I asked him what he was going to be doing in his new role. He said to me:
‘Margie, I think you’re the greatest! Mike can’t fail as long as he knows you. You’ve brought to my attention some interesting facts. But, I’m getting out of the Sex Offender Unit because of the Adam Walsh Act. I just cannot do this as I don’t believe that people who have been off the registry for years should be forced back on it. Eventually, the whole situation with sex offenders will become out of control. I also don’t like the tier levels. I think the only people that can provide fact based levels are professionals and not what the State feels. I’ll still be affiliated with the IDOC but not in this capacity.’

With that, I wished him the very best and told him if he was ever in the neighborhood to stop by.

See? Sometimes it’s good to spar with these agents. You make them think, and this guy did just that!

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