Set Up to Fail

originally posted 3/13/2009

I have been thinking very heavily on the laws, and how unjust they truly are. My son has been back in prison awaiting trial on a probation violation since 7/2008, the violation is being an addict. Which by law and science is a medical disease  Since he could not get a place in any of the forty + recovery houses I wrote to last year, I thought I would share some of my thoughts. Oh by the way these houses are in fact state funded.

I do believe his lawyers office is working on suing the state. If not some one should. Any ways with all these new laws, The Jessica Law, The Adam Walsh law, the registry, the posting of pictures, the newspapers, the zone laws, which makes it impossible for a dad to pick up his child, the laws as to where you can and can’t live. The law by which if you leave town over night, you have to register. The laws that do not stop people from harassing you, or stop employers from hiring you, or the laws that DO not protect the children, and loved ones of ex-offenders, ect. THE POST FACTO LAWS that have not been adhered to.

All these situations have made the offender disabled, don’t you think? They can not receive housing, they can not live in substantiated housing, can’t find jobs with out the police CHECKING IN, which in turn makes employers uncomfortable. Know what I think? I think since we can not change the laws right away, why can’t they be put on disability? Makes sense to me. The laws have made this group of people unable to live a normal life, and that is what disability is for. People who can not work because of their disabilities. Since they have something people think they are GOING TO GET, it must be contagious. I think we should fight for their right to be considered Disabled and collect SSDI. Then see what the law makers think of THAT. I am sure some way it can be done. I am just not sure how. Has anyone actually tried? I just know that these group of citizens have been treated unfairly, and unjustly. A lot can not work, because of their disability. So why not?

Too bad I have to work to support my son and his family, otherwise I would be looking into the possibilities. Hmmm think I will anyways.

My son went to court on 3/11/09. He was assaulted by the local Police on 7/13/09. I went looking for him, and found him on a street corner. There was a commotion (disorderly conduct). I was told my son was going to be held for protective custody. Well they maced or pepper sprayed him and beat him. I dropped him at south shore hospital and he had a concussion, and a perforated ear drum. He poked an officer in the chest with his index finger. He had called me that night at the police station, and all I heard was fear, “Ma they are going to kill me” Is what he said. I called the police department and the Sargent told me, he was being held on $1500 cash bail. I told him I thought my son needed medical attention, and was told “if we thought he needed medical attention he would get it. I was dismissed with a hang up. We took it to court, and were going to have a jury trial but he was offered a plea. Plead guilty and the case would just be filed. All this for the simple fact of him being an offender. Since he has been out he has been on probation since 12/23/2003.

He has had so many stipulations on his probation, that it was a set up for failure.

The Judge from the District Court has been really decent to my son. He will be in front of him on April 2, 2009 for violation of probation. We have tried for a revise/revoke. It has been a mess. For simply having a dirty urine he has already spent nine months this time in jail. Before for a dirty urine he spent seven months. We all know it is not about probation or a dirty urine. The only one he hurts is himself. Has not had any charges except breaking probation due to a urine test. Anyways he took the plea, and a witness that saw him beaten, and myself feel the system is really broken and needs fixing. These officers lied, blatantly lied. My son wants out, but we probably should have fought it. Didn’t want anymore issues before court in April.
The bottom line is that the press and society group all these guys into groups of murderous pedophiles  They have no idea of the differences between an offender and a psychopathic personality. Society and the laws do NOT know the ramifications of these laws. God help the future of our children.

It scares the hell out of me to ever think what will be considered a sex offense next.

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