This is the Country I’m Supposed to Love?

originally posted 5/14/2009

I appreciate you guys keeping everyone informed.Hopefully things get better. It’s funny to me see Americans grovel about not being able to find jobs, how mad they get over their personal info getting out to public. Being forced to wait in line ALL day to get fingerprinted while everyone else is in and out in 10 minutes. If you’re registering as a s/o,you get a big pink piece of paper that distinguishes you from our upstanding members of society that’s for fingerprints alone. I called a caseworker here in my state to ask if I could have a different mailing address so I wouldn’t  get kicked out of “another” place when I received my annual SEX OFFENDER and CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN verification. So I asked her politely if we could just keep it on the down-low from my RV park; it’s not a school or YMCA, just an adult trailer park. My home!

A week later an officer from the SEX OFFENDER UNIT shows up at our park office, with an 8×7 pic of little old me on the front. He was there to check up on me. My wife says,”You guys make it really hard for him.  His reply: “You should have thought of that when you got with him.” Please bear in mind that I did 3 hard years in prison, damn lucky I didn’t get killed in there – most inmates do not like SOs no matter what they did. I ALSO signed a paper stating that I was eligible for removal from the registry in 15 years. I guess that was also a LIE Now they decided it’s 25 years, maybe never! There are now many more “add ons” to include a new license every year, which is 35 dollars and another day waiting in line. It also pretty much tells anyone who is looking at your license that your an so by the annual expiration date. At least I don’t live in Florida. If you are a convicted s.o, they will not let you in a hurricane

It is my belief that they want us all to move under a bridge and hang ourselves…WOW…and this is the country I’m supposed to love and adore? whatever! PS. Oh yeah, my crime was indecent exposure. I exposed myself to some hotel maids; I know it was wrong, but ???!!

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