Until It Happens to You

originally posted 3/24/2009

I am ready to go to war for these poor people. No one knows the facts and people are filled with media-induced fear until it happens to their child, husband, brother or even daughters and sisters, mothers and aunts!

My son was barely 19, drinking of course. He was forcefully pulled into a laundry room and a fifteen year old girl proceeded to attempt oral sex on him. The act was never finished, as someone walked in and he snapped to. She cried rape, afraid of her boyfriend finding out, who happened to be 21 at the time. Her parents allowed her to attend all-night unsupervised parties, go to gay bars in a nearby big city, and basically act as an adult.

Later that evening the girl recanted and told the truth but one of the kids there hated my son. My son was only 8 days past his eighteenth birthday! The girl continued to spend the rest of the evening at this party with my so called rapist son, and even allowed him to be with her in a car the next morning when a group dropped her home.

Now I was molested my whole life and ran away from home at 13 never to return, I was violently raped and beaten a few times, once by my ex husband and I will tell you that I got out and away ASAP. I did not hang out til the next day.

A major problem in these cases is that the public defense is inadequate and unconstitutionally mis-representing the poor and indigent. Without proper representation these kids are pleading out (plea bargaining) since no one will take the time to even try to get to the truth. In some states, an average public defense attorney makes less than $2.00 a case. If he where to bring expert witnesses etc he would have to pay for those, also has a case load that is far, and I mean far, over the legal limit, despite a lawsuit from the ACLU to correct this. And yet the government is spending our tax dollars on prosecution, and giving minimum case loads to the DAs, allowing them to bury these poor individuals.

My son, a brilliant, creative, gentle and respectable child of nineteen, has his life that is now destroyed, I cannot bring him home, I can not afford to live where the laws require for distance because of the distances. I cannot help him! He lived at home until he was arrested and he is also in the mental health system and was refused his medication for six months. He was actually persuaded to plead to a more serious charge by his idiot lawyer. His original charge was “sex with a minor in the third degree” which did not carry a strike on his record. Yet in his state, two sex strikes and you are out for life. He was told to plea to “rape in the third degree” and told it was better. This was all done in a five minutes! The attorney told him, I have no time for you.This was a kid who was scared and confused. He was told sign or get prison for five years, which was not true. He may have actually had 12-14 months compared to 6-12 months.

This is still ridiculous since the girl recanted her false statement which she originally said was a violent attack and then went in and told the truth! False police statements are a felony, yet she is unpunished. Her father who allows her to be unsupervised, is guilty in my book of neglect and is more responsible than my son.

I fear for my son’s future. He is taking it well as for he is young and thinks this will not effect the rest of his life, but it will! He was released to the freezing streets of a town in the US northwest, thousands of mile from his home, where he had only been one night his life – a place with no friends, family or support, to be homeless, cold and alone. Ostracized and afraid. This is banishment, it is unconstitutional! He is not a violent nor deviant person in any form. The mandatory statutory law has made a good person evil and unable to exist. The lack of fair due process, representation and even the hance to have his case reviewed on an individual basis which would have clearly proven he was the one technically raped is not even an option.

Oh, and here is a note: the jail system in this town is owned and run by the local judges – talk about conflict of interest! My fear is if one little girl who wants to play big league and have sex with any boy she finds cute, or one crazy rejected girlfriend ever cries rape, a young man becomes a lifer!

My son is terrified of any public contact. He was told he could not masturbate regularly or he would be considered deviant and put back in prison. He is a young man, he needs sexual release as we all do! He is not allowed to go on the internet putting the burden on me to find him a home, six months, 12 hours a day. To find cheap free furniture.

He is a writer and cannot even go to the library and research. He must take polygraphs and pay insane restitution, take and pay for sex classes, drug and alcohol classes, and with what? No one will hire him because he is a sex offender. I could not find one apartment complex or mobile home park that would even consider him. I cannot bring him home. This is all the most outrageous and unconstitutional thing I have ever seen.

How do we fight this? Do I get online for each state and look up the registered offenders, contact them and their families and we all go to Washington? That should give us a few million people. I am sure our legislators and their children have broken these insane statutory consensual laws as most boys and girls have, but with money you don’t have to deal with this, it just goes away.

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