S.O’s Daughter Raised in Motel Since Age 4

originally posted 3/22/2009

I have emailed you in the past about being on the registry. I received my yearly paper work and sent it back to the state patrol.
My face does not show up on the state web site. There are reasons that is doesn’t:
#1 I challenged the posting and the states use of the tier system. I still have not heard anything from the state on this. There is supposed to be a hearing on this issue according to state law but nothing has happened; it has been over a year since I filled the appeal paperwork.

I am unemployed and still living in the motel that I have been in since 1-1-08. I have 4 kids with my wife of 15 years. My daughter has been raised in motel since she was 4 years old. She was born in ’94 before all these illegal laws were passed in the country. We have not had very many problems up until recently. Not having a house to call home is affecting my children in ways that are very wrong. In the end all of this is going to destroy my family and myself.

I have not sought counseling for depression and anxiety because the counselor will report any and all sessions including content to the police. What am I to do!!

I have thought of leaving this country, but my kids need their father around or they are going to end up in jail when they are older. My kids are 14 yrs. girl, 11, 8, 6 year old boys. We will find out soon I guess.

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