Sick and Tired of Living


I am sick and tired of living a Government admitted lie. My appeals statement reads as follows:
“Although defendant presented evidence to contradict the testimony of (accusers), upon a motion to dismiss, such discrepancies must be resolved in favor of the state.”

And thus ended my life!
And they call this justice?

I have no interest in living or calling myself an American any longer. What’s the point in it? The government will only do what gets them votes and keeps them stealing our taxes for themselves.

1 thought on “Sick and Tired of Living

  1. posted shortly after original comment

    Do not give up. You have great numbers of people here for you and history shows that change always happens. I believe that this might not even be far away as there are signals from the Obama administration about a major overhaul of our current criminal justice system. I recently read an article in the National Law Review that there are ongoing investigations into prosecutorial misconduct complaints and other civil rights violations.

    This probe has been stepped up since Sen.Steven’s case was overturned, so write to the US Dept.of Justice and make a complaint.

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