Easier in Prison than on Registry

originally posted 5/30/2009

I’m a registered sex offender. The registry has made my life hell. My friends don’t want any thing to do with me because they don’t want to be seen with any one on the list. It makes it hard to find a job or a place to live. How are we supposed to be a part of this world when the world doesn’t want us? It has turned into a life sentence for me. Some times I think it would be easier to spend the time in a prison.

1 thought on “Easier in Prison than on Registry

  1. posted shortly after original


    I don’t believe that the world doesn’t want you. I make it a point to read every article in the papers that deals with “sex offenders.” Much to my surprise, I find that people are contributing supportive comments and are expressing concern at what they perceive to be “Nazi” tactics by our law makers. It is possible that these people are S.O.s or relatives, but still, no negative comments.

    Pull up your socks and contact the U.S.Dept. of Justice, tell your story, fight like hell because we WILL win.

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