Embarassed and Distressed by S.O. Requirements

originally posted 8/20/2009

I was convicted several years ago of three counts of possession of child pornography.  Sentenced to three months of home confinement, I opted for jail time instead.  In the state where I was convicted,  I am registered as a Level 1 offender and, in seven years, will no longer have to register.   I live within several blocks of a school, live on the same block as a Level Three offender, and contact the local authorities every six months to keep them informed of my residence.  I am definitely not at risk to re-offend.

My home state lists me on their registry as a predator, and my picture appears on their site.  I am unable to go home.  I could not live with my parents, whose home is a few blocks from an elementary school. This situation is embarrassing and distressing for my family and friends.   My predicament illustrates how destructive our current views on “sex offenses” really are.

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