I Cried for the Pain of My Son!

originally posted 8/23/2009

My son went to register for college today and of course, he had to go to the security office.  Now they have real cops there and he told them,  he is a registered SO.  They asked him, what was the offense?  He told them he had asked some girls if they needed a ride;  he never got out of the car, never touched or promised anything.  So he got sentenced for luring of a minor.  The cops at the college looked at each other and said they had never heard of anything like that and this should never have been a registrable offense .

My son came to my job and to see in his face all the pain of the last 8 years, the frustration and the health issues due to all this crap; I cried all the way home! I am 55 years old and I cried for the pain of my son!   In the afternoon I had a few minutes with him, and he told me that he is so scared I would get in trouble dealing with all the issues I am involved in through this site, and scared that his name will get out.  I assured him that I am a few years ahead of him in experience and that his name will not get out, confidentiality is the first and foremost “law” that we all obey.

I will not give up! I will spread the word and I will stay as active as I can be, at the same time protecting my son and his family.   I also said, doing something to a child is the most heinous thing anybody can do and of course I do not  support such behavior.   On the other hand, once somebody has been punished, served their time, it should be possible to go and have a life without all this retroactive stuff following.   It should not be possible that any lawmaker can put laws in place (like the wonderful Governor Quinn in Illinois).  Citizens have no clue of the existence of these laws, nobody has a word to say and the legislators do whatever they want.  That is not right and I will not have it!  My son has had shingles (at 21 years of age),   intestinal ulcers (a physician has stated that they are most likely from stress),  and depression (also stated by the physician due to stress).  He takes medication for depression and is just now 28 years old.

I will not stop!  I will go and pass out what ever information I can and as soon as my co-organizer in Illinois has her stress with her sad story behind her, I will have my son’s story on the website, without his name, statement from psychiatrist and all.   This is so unfair!  I will not roll over; I have never done it for anybody before and I am not starting now!

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