Child Persecuted at School Because Father is S.O.

originally posted 9/5/2009

I am a 72 yr old mother of a grown son who was falsely accused by his step-daughter, when her mother wanted a divorce. My daughter-in- law would call me up and demand money, several thousand dollars, and she would say, “If I don’t get it, I’ll have (my daughter) accuse of “so and so” (and it would be worse accusations than the girl had already made.) I told the law, but they didn’t believe me.

Nobody believed my son, or me, or his son. My son’s son now lives with me. I support him and myself on my social security. He is persecuted at school by some of the kids and some of the teachers. He suffers depression and is in mental health treatment. He recently changed schools. I have to drive him 20 miles to school, which comes to 40 miles a day. I wish there were some way to end this hysteria, but, then a case comes along like the Dugard case, and off go all the news stations, telling exaggerated and false statements to an ignorant public.

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