Sick, Elderly Man Still Forced to Register

originally posted 9/5/2009

After having sex in my home (1979) with my friend she demanded money from me, to purchase drugs. When I refused, she cried rape. My
attorney informed me if �I prefer a trial and lost, I was looking at 3 to 5 years in state prison. �If i pleaded guilty �the court would sentenced me
to 8 months home confinement or working as a janitor(no pay) at the local Police Dept. �I opted for the no pay job. Moreover I would �no
longer have to register in 7 more years.

The girl friend moved to out of state where she was found guilty of killing her drug dealer in a hotel room.

At that time �I never had more than traffic ticket at the age of 39 in 1979 when this happened.

In 1998, �I was shocked when police arrested me for not registering as SO. �I was sentenced to 1 year in county jail for not registering. �I lost
everything �- my wife divorced me, my job etc.

My home state lists me on their registry as Level 1, and my picture appears on their site. �This situation is embarrassing and distressing for
me. �My ex-family and ex-friends treat me as �a leper. My predicament illustrates how destructive our current views on”sex offense” really

Now I am almost 70 years old – dying of prostate cancer. Therefore I urge someone too help me get my name removed �from �registry before
I die.

� � � � � � � � �SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE

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