Can’t Have Kids Because Husband Is S.O.

originally posted 10/20/2009

I am involved with a sex offender who had sex with a teen when he was a teen. He is to register for life, but yet is STILL serving time 10 years after
the fact due to our state’s over the top sentencing…he still has 9 more years of tedious supervision to go with an electronic bracelet attached to
his ankle! �Because of his probation/supervision status, we will not be able to have kids…it would always be a fight for him to have contact with
his own kids and minor rule violations will send him back to prison leaving me a single mom and extending the time he has to serve on
supervision out further as well due to truth in sentencing laws! �As it stands now, I will be 42 when he is done with probation if no bumps occur
in the road; this is too old for me to START a family! �So his punishments are not limited to him! And after doing 20 years of this, we have a
lifetime of a registry preventing US where we can live and how we can make a living!

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