Probation Officer Says, “Buy a Tent and Live Under the Bridge.”

originally posted 10/25/2009

The sex offender “witchhunt” that has taken hold all over this country is ridiculous and devastating. My son, who is 19, is living this nightmare, along with the rest of his family. We have no resources to turn to. How is he supposed to recover from this? How do you move forward? Is it even possible? The girl who was 17 participated in consensual sex, but was a runaway, and to avoid
charges herself, made a deal with the police. It was not rape, it was
not molestation of a small child. How do we combat this and what can I do to change things? He is just a young man whose life is ruined. He feels his only option at this point is suicide.

There are only a few shelters in Phoenix (which is 90 miles from here) that will accept s.o.’s and they are full. His probation officer told him to “buy a tent and go under the bridge”, which
made my jaw drop. One, it’s 32 degrees here at night and will be snowing here soon and second, how dangerous is that, to have my young adult son just out there at night? That’s just wrong, let alone inhumane. How do we change the laws about this? What can I do? We give driving licenses to 16 year olds to commit vehicular manslaughter yet they are unable to consent to sex????? It boggles my mind. I just can’t wrap my brain around any of this. My son has a loving family who supports him and it’s insane that there isn’t ONE safe place for him to stay to move forward and become an upstanding upstanding citizen. This is just sooooo wrong. Please help us.

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