Disgusted with Registry in Maryland

originally posted 11/2/2009

I am a registered offender in the State of Maryland and I am
disgusted with the way they register us within the state and the ability for one officer to change the term of you requirements by the swift marking of a pen or a moving a mouse within the system. Explanation: I went to register and on my charges and my last day in court I was to register for 10 years and was filed under the state of Maryland as a Level I Sexual Offender. �I went to register recently and came out reading a piece of paper stating that I am now classified to be on the registry for lifetime instead of ten years. The system has so many loop holes and is out of control. �Local,
state and federal authorities are lost in their paper files and new
technologies. �My life was destroyed because a minor lied about his age and and I didn’t know any better but I took a plea out of court out of fear to get out of jail. �Then this registry happened to shame me for life! �I believe in protecting our children but at what
cost have we taken to do this? Let’s destroy another life for the safety of the children?

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