Ice Agents Do Lie

originally posted 9/28/2009

We have children, and my husband was a high school teacher.  ICE Agents came to our house and basically led my husband to believe he was under arrest. They left our house with our computers, family videos, video camera and other media. Eight months later my husband was indicted; the ICE agent lied and said my husband downloaded child porn for 17 years (how long has the internet been around?) and said the conversation was voluntary so no Miranda Rights were given to him.  We have proof the agent lied, but the prosecutor and judge overlooked it. My husband is now serving a mandatory minimum of 5 year in prison almost 500 miles from our home.

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  1. comment originally posted Nov. 12, 2009

    My heart aches for you because reading you comment from 9/2009 makes me relive my own life. �My husband is currently serving a 5 year

    sentence for “5 questionable” photos but the agents insisted that there were probably more photos but it had appeared that the computer had

    been recently rebooted so they could not recover any more. �The information the investigators (ICE Agents) gave to the press, further

    aggravating the situation, and made us outcasts in our own community. Information in the pre-sentencing report was inaccurate and misleading

    as well. �He is also 500 miles away from us and in the first 11 months of his sentence we have been able to see him just once.

    The system stinks and there are so many problems with it that it makes me angry and like you I am afraid of further retribution in my community

    so I have been silent, but I feel the need to do something without affecting my children and family. �I started my own blog in hopes of

    connecting with others but was very vague about his charges, again to protect me and my family. �I even use a different name and e-mail, but

    the link to the blog is
    I would love to be able to talk with you. �My biggest difficultly is not being able to share my feelings with someone who has walked in my

    shoes. Counselors, family and what few friends I have left are great but they can not truly appreciate the feelings that I experience on a daily


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