1 thought on “Played Dr. As a Child – Now a Monster Forever

  1. My first exhusband was able to have an emergency custody granted, and my daughter is now allowed to be around my boyfriend but lives with

    her father. I raised her for 14 years before this incident, however because of the man I date I was treated like an unfit mother and a monster! �I

    have a pending case in October with my second exhusband who is attempting to have joint custody but with the stipulation that my boyfriend

    has no contact with my son. How is this legal!?

    We also tried to expunge his record and because he had a DUI and a few traffic violations and other situations they are refusing to remove this

    from his record. Mind you he has no repeat offenses in regards to the sex offender laws…How is this fair?? he went away for about a year and

    a half to a counseling facility for something that should have never been. His fmaily had no money for legal help, and he was railroaded. But

    with so many years passed and now they wont even allow him to remove it!? It makes me sick to my stomach and the fact that my exhusbands

    can play games with my life because of this. What has become of the legal system?!!

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