Sex Offenders Forced to Live in Woods

originally posted 10/8/2009

I am the wife of a sex offender in Florida. He was charged with a Sex Charge when he was 19 because his girlfriend was under age. We have
been married for 4 years he was in prison for an unrelated charge. �When he was released he was placed on �CRD (conditional release
date), and given a probation officer for three months. He was told he could not live in our home due to the �additional restrictions that the CRD
places on sex offenders. The Probation Officers told him he would have to live in the woods and be homeless. He goes to our home during the
day, and thatB4s okay. he just can not sleep there. �He is not a guy that goes around hunting kids with candy. We are married and have a
daughter. �We are not sure what do. �This not right! People don’t treat there animals like this.
Please point us in the right direction. The Florida Department of
Corrections should be held accountable. There are 6 men living in this

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