Lie Detectors – Medieval Torture

originally posted 12/17/2009

As a few of you know, my son recently took his first polygraph as part of his probation.  He passed the test because he was very honest; however there was a serious consequence to his honesty.  Because he had drunk and watched adult content on Showtime (they called Showtime “pornography”), his PO filed to have his probation removed, recommending prison for a year and GPS monitoring (in our state, the monitoring would be for life).  The court-ordered therapist was very surprised at her recommendation, stating that was NOT what they had discussed.   We then found out that the judge  who would be hearing this is the toughest in the county with zero tolerance…the county detention overflowing with people waiting to be sent to prison, much because of his harsh sentencing.   We did not have much hope.

But, with much much prayer and constant and unwaivering faith, we received a miracle.   My boy was sentenced to two months and did not have to have the GPS monitoring.   The judge was stern and harsh but everyone was  “shocked”  at this  “leniency” from him.

My son has changed so much.   I get 2 one-hour visits with him per week.   He is locked up with other SOs and is attending Bible study daily.   His faith is growing.   Not only his faith, but his awareness of the need for change and reform.   When I visited him Tuesday he told me that he had been discussing RSOL with others and they were interested and had questions and he pulled out a list and a pen from his pocket with their many questions.

Yesterday when I visited again, he had more of their questions.   He spoke to me of the way these people had been treated, not just the SOs but the whole general population.   He said, “Mom, I know of at least FIVE constitutional rights violated.   This is wrong and something HAS to be done, especially when people have paid the price for crimes and served their time.”   I reminded him that this was his opportunity for involvement and change was slow but started with each one of us as individuals.   He told me then, “I will never say again that I don’t want to hear about it or not deal with it”.

He has FINALLY stopped the denial and has moved to the next step.   It was one thing to know that he was “victimized” but what has really made the change was seeing how common and so very wrong that the laws are and the treatment of offenders.   He also told me that, although he didn’t want to go to jail, much good has come out of this and he’s seeing the positive of being there.   He’s wearing the most beautiful smile and he radiates peace.   He’s sharing everything…his faith, his information, contacts….even his food.   I smiled when I asked if he was buying for others too, reminding him that I could barely afford to put money into his account.   He told me that he knew that and wouldn’t ask for extra…but yes, he did share….that too many had NObody. I know we can’t save the world but if the difference is made with even one life…then we’ll pray for that “domino effect”.

I worry when he gets out…his PO is difficult….and few succeed under her.   The attorney told me that she “requests” these cases and if so many “fail” then it makes me think she has a “personal agenda” here.   But, if all goes well, the probation will be complete the last of July.

My son is growing….I am growing.   And we’re educating….those around us are becoming aware…and are starting to share and advocate.   It’s a start and I am most grateful.

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  1. I cannot claim to know how you feel, but it must be horrendously difficult. �I agree with your son: �people are jumping on the sex offender scapegoating much as they did witch burning many years ago. �There are rights being breached all around us and nobody seems to care as long as its a sex offender’s rights. �Also, I am aware of many probation officers who do just what you are suspecting. �They use their position as an excuse to set people up for prison. � The best bet may be to try to relocate him to a less threatening district (or state) if at all possible.

    I myself was threatened by a rather difficult PO before my release and changed my release plans promptly. �I managed to survive probation relatively in tact, but it was (not) easy. �I still have very little faith in polygraphs. �I failed my first one (or two?) and passed my next three. �I have no idea what the difference was, since I was not hiding anything. �I think they measure a lot more than one’s veracity anyway and are very unscientific. �However, most law enforcement people swear that polygraphs are 98% accurate and absolutely geared to detect dishonesy of any sort. �I think they are silly, overpriced toys.

    In any case my thoughts and prayers are with you, your son and your family.

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