Curious Youth Try to Understand Sexuality

originally posted 1/19/2010

My son is serving a 10 year sentence for having kiddy porn on his computer. �He never touched a child and never had any interest in sex with kids, but I have learned that my son had some sexual interactions with other boys his age when he was in middle school. So though I don’t understand it it makes it more understandable his
curiousity about it on the internet. �When the FBI tore his apt apart where he lived with his pregnant girl friend they found nothing but what was on the computer. �I’m not shy about sharing my son’s story because I know many young men are being caught up in this hysteria and fear of the internet. The internet is a real danger because of the laws for curious young people trying to understand sexuality. �My son started on the internet when he was
about 15, and though he was supervised he was not supervised enough. �Our religious values had little impact on this thinking. �After my son comes out of prison he will be marked as a sex offender the rest of his life, it makes no difference he never laid hands on any kid. �His son who was born just before he went to federal prison will be about 10 years old when he comes out.

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