We Lost Our Daughter; What More Do They Want?

originally posted 1/18/2010

I am married to a registered sex offender whos crime had nothing to do with a minor but still lives under statutes of every person with that label on their head. We have 2 children together and cannot live together because of the laws stating he cannot live with a �minor child. We Lost our daughter while he was incarcerated. What more do they want from us? – �they took away his good name, his freedom after he served time. He cannot go to his childrenB4s school or take them to the park. He was given 2 tests with the result �stating he was not a dangerous person and not likely to re-commit his crime, yet the laws still state he cannot live with us. ItB4s been 2 years since his release and we see each other about every other day. Being married, its hard, but worth it – I guess!

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