originally posted 2/3/2010

I am SO UPSET with this law, it is tearing my family APART; HELP, PLEASE!!!   I fell in love with a man who had done time for an offense that happened at a party when he was high school age, he is now in his 40’s and NOT ANY risk to anyone but himself.   Or, am I just the stupid one to have fallen in love with him??

He and I have 4, beautiful, intelligent children together and it is hard for me to move on without him, I DO NOT want to take my children from THEIR FATHER!   He and I both lost our mothers when in our childhood and I do not want my children to grow up without BOTH parents!   We have been living in motels for SIX YEARS, because we CANNOT get into affordable housing; NO ONE will deal with us.   I was doing housekeeping at this last place we have been (2 years), in December the corporate office told me that they do not want him staying here, they told me they were overstaffed and didn’t need my help anymore. 0

The general manager gave us a couple months to find something different, one month now.   He was hurt at work a few too many times, not able to find work.   He’s hurting ALL the time; I am also looking for a different job, the economy still sucks!

Yes, in the past, I thought maybe it would be better if I just had the kids, but that IS NOT fair to them, is it?   Our 7th grader has a 4.0 grade point average, I am SO PROUD of him!!!   His father has threatened to leave before and my 12 year old has threatened to sluff off his schoolwork, which I DO NOT want, we need to be together as a FAMILY!!!   Our oldest child is a 15 year old, female and this _ _ _ _ law is causing her problems, I AM FED UP WITH IT!!!   Our two younger ones are 9 and 7 years old and getting to that age that it is affecting them, also!!  It is against the Constitutional for the 4 of them IF NOT mine, also!!

We have been to the Nebraska State Patrol to try to get his record reduced; but, those old ladies we talked to are so set in their ways, it seems what we said was in one ear and right out the other!   You can tell them that I said that, too, please do.

Sorry to go off on you, I NEED to vent!   He says that I will get all the assistance we need from the government when he is gone, but that IS NOT what I want, I WANT US to stay together as a FAMILY!

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