A Ridiculous Crime A Lifetime Ago!

originally posted 2/3/2010

I am a FORMER convicted sex offender… Arrested for a misdemeanor charge, Class B indecent exposure OVER 12 years ago….Since my arrest I have SUCCESSFULLY completed sex offender treatment as well as all requirements for two years probation.  I was released from probation in 1999.  For TEN YEARS after that I was required to register as a sex offender… During that time I have been blatantly discriminated against by SEVERAL apartment complexes, as well as KICKED OUT of APARTMENTS and HOTELS on more then one occasion… I have been FIRED from jobs as well as DENIED the right to work because of my PAST criminal record.   I have MORE THAN paid my debt to society!   After being released OFF the sex offender list in October of this past year, I had anticipated being treated differently by both apartment complexes as well as prospective places of employment.

I STILL TO THIS DAY AM BEING DENIED THE RIGHT TO WORK as well as the right TO LIVE ANYWHERE as an occupant on a lease……. I have as well been called a child molester and received more than ONE threat and harassment by the fathers of the children of the single mothers I date.   I am still to this day pulled over and profiled by POLICE when my license plate is run on my vehicle…..I agree my crime was wrong, but after 12 years of hardly even a speeding ticket much less ANY arrest, I am still denied my basic constitutional right to LIVE……I am fed up with this and want restitution as well as to just LIVE MY LIFE IN PEACE without being discriminated against for a ridiculous crime a LIFETIME AGO…..it has  affected me to the point that I am giving up any hope to carry on a normal life!!  I have sought legal representation but NO ONE will pick up a case of discrimination for criminal history… I want to bring to light my story to the public in hopes of finding a resolution to this problem I will obviously face as long as I am alive…..

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