Another Plea Bargain Gone Badly Wrong!

originally posted 2/2/2010

My son went to court for three years on a charge of statutory rape.   He was 18 when this happened; he was at a friend’s and some girls pulled up he didn’t know.  The one driving was all over him and asked to go with him, they went to his grandparents and asked to stay the night.  The girl said she was 17, he had no reason to doubt it since she pulled up driving.  Needless to say they ended up sleeping together.  Later on some man went to the jail and made a statement that she told him they slept together. From hearsay they took a warrant.  He went to court for 3 years,during that time he was arrested for anything they could arrest him for.  Example:  He was at a club and sprayed himself with cologne. an officer in plainclothes that knew him walked over to him and asked what are you spraying son and he said cologne and laughed and asked you want some and sprayed it towards him like a joke.   Three days later they arrested him for assaulting a government official by spraying an unknown substance.

He did do some things he should have been charged with, but none to do with any kind of sex offense.  During the 3 years of court they kept putting all these other charges off never trying anything.  We could not afford an attorney and had to use a court appointed one.

NO ONE EVER CAME TO COURT CONCERNING THE SEX OFFENSE IN 3 YEARS!   The week before he was sentenced we were told they were going to drop it.   Then there was a flip.   We were told if he did not accept a plea of indecent liberties with a child they were going to push and get the max on all the other charges,and if he took it they were 99.9% sure he would get no time.   But he got 18 months on that and six months on another charge,then probation on 2 charges to be served consecutively.  When he was released he had to register as an offender, he could not get a job and got so disheartened he turned to drugs.  Now he is battling with it, he has no self esteem and a lot of anger in him; his life is ruined!

As a mother it is so hard to watch him hurt, he also lacked one point on his I.Q. being considered retarded which makes things harder for him to understand.

I think they need to go back through all these people that had to register and see if they even had any real evidence to be charged as an offender.  I also believe that if girls 13 and above consent to having sex they should not be able to charge a man.

Has the world forgotten that a lot of our elders were married from 12 and up and those marriages lasted?  My mother was 83 when she died but she had always told me that in the older days a girl was considered a woman once she got her period, just as I also believe we become accountable of our own sin around that age.   Why do we punish people now when this was considered appropriate long ago?

I pay no attention to these lists,except for the harm they are doing to no telling how many innocent people. �

PS.If anyone wants to use this story I would be thankful and hope that it makes our lawmakers open their eyes.  I talked to a ninth grader a couple years ago, and she said their might be a couple of girls in her class that had not had sex!   Why doesn’t the law consider that and check statistics on how many kids have had sex by age 16?

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