Lonely Person Looking for Soulmate

originally posted 2/18/2010

My son was deceived by a minor posting as 18 on an adult website.

He did not go looking for minors.  Just a lonely person looking for a
soulmate.   I am tired of no blame for “Lolitas” and negligent parents.   Laws disregard civil liberties of these persons.   It’s like a “Scarlet Letter” of Puritan Days.    Branding is a crime!   Murderers don’t have to be on registries.   They do their time (with criminal intent), and then are free.   Many of these “sexual offenders” had NO CRIMINAL intent, but are branded for LIFE???   Where is the justice and civil liberties of these people????   It is a disgrace in the criminal system.   Taxpayers are paying to keep these young men behind bars and on registries for no good reason.   I am so disappointed in our system.   Where is the justice?

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