Internet Sting Puts S.O. Through Hell

originally posted 2/16/2010

I am 35 year old sex offender.   I was charged for chatting online to a “minor” on yahoo but the profile was an adult profile, which later the person claimed to be 15 years old – bait and switch (state police sting).   I was sentenced to 4 months jail and 2 years probation, all of which I have completed.  I was never tested for drugs or alcohol which I had in my system when arrested.   I went through hell to make a good life and recover.   I have a very successful job and wonderful friends and family that knows the truth why I socially committed suicide.   I hate that I allowed myself to become this far gone I knew I was killing myself.   I would love to share my story with someone in person.   I do feel I DO NOT belong on the registry.   I was snow balled and forced to take a plea but that’s another story.

2 thoughts on “Internet Sting Puts S.O. Through Hell

  1. You: “What I did wasn’t even wrong and I was tricked and the people who protect children from people like me are the real villains here!”

    Also you: “I hate that I allowed myself to become this far gone”

    You know what words a decent person would say, but not why they might say them, so you can’t make it sound coherent. Your mask is slipping.

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