Star History Prof Can Never Teach Again

originally posted 2/16/2010

My son was convicted in CA, but he was sent to Texas to serve his time.   It is much too expensive to travel there . I talk to him weekly and communicate with letters.   All our funds went to the lawyer.   He was advised to take a plea, and gave up all rights.   I cried that day in court.   This was a year ago and I am only now coming out of a deep depression.

My son, 39, has never had more than a traffic ticket.   He is a college history professor, with a great reputation.  He went through a divorce and was depressed and got into adult porn several years ago.   Two videos of child porn were on his computer.   He is serving a six year sentence.  That is bad enough, but when he gets out, what will he do with this label?  He can not teach again.   His home, where his fiance is still living, may be less than 2000 feet from a school.   Right now, as things stand, this will follow him the rest of his life.   I know he is not alone.   Many people were arrested that have never harmed a child during a sweep in 2005-6.   We must do something.

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