You Can’t Study or Work Without a Computer

originally posted 1/5/2010

I am sure there are many people out there who need the RSOL digests who are not allowed on the internet! �Please send them the digests in print! �When someone is convicted of an internet crime, in cases like my son, they are not allowed access to the internet while they are on probation. �Ok now our probation department goes a little bit farther then that. �My son is not allowed a computer in his
home whether it is on line or not. �My son is going to be taking classes here pretty soon, I have to type all of his papers up for him because he is not allowed to be on a computer period. �There are so many things you can no longer do without computer access. �They will not even let us get him a computer and put a filter on it or have it monitered through the courts if they feel the need. �My so is really upset, he has contacted the aclu to file a complaint against a counseler at one college counsellor who told him he could not help him that find a class, because there were no classes that did not take computer (untrue). �He then went to another college
where they went out of their way to get him registered in classes that he will not have to use a computer. �This is just one more example of how they are treated, when their offenses are minor and they �have already served thier time. �

My sonB4s family wants to go back home and live with him. �My son is not a danger to his kids yet his probation officer says his kind of crime is the kind that makes him to do higher crimes, which is not true according to your statistics.. �My sonB4s family have been jumping around from one place to another, his wife has spondelosis real bad and it is hard for her to work. �She is now living with her mother with her 2 kids and she hates it, the girls hate it, while my son has a place and a job and all they want to do is go home and live
like a family again. �The registry and these laws make that impossible.

I have to go babysit for my son and his girls every Sunday. �I am the court appointed supervisor, fortunetly he was allowed time with his girls which does not happen in a lot of cases. �That takes time away from my own family and the grandkids I take care of. �I am a
grandparent and a parent, and we and have a volunteer group that meets once a month for support of grandparents and relative caregivers.

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