They Want Him to Fail

originally posted 1/9/2010

Why are they so tough on first time offenders with no other record, not even a speeding ticket in the state of Indiana?
My son is back in jail because they claim he broke parole violation by working at his employers house (he has two children) and this was all brought up in court originally and he was given permission as long as they were not in the house.

Now he is sitting in jail until Wed the 13th until a “new ” judge makes a decision to keep him there or let him go home and try to live his life within the strict boundaries they make for him. �They want him to fail. �

They aren’t worried about him getting the proper help. �That is most important I think and they don’t care. �He has been punished for almost three years, and his life is pretty much ruined. We need help. He is about to lose his house, and everything else. If he could move out of state, he would.

Hope someone can give me some answers. This is hurting all his family. �no one cares.

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