Punished for falling in love?

originally posted 4/10/2010

Why are we being punished?  Because we fell in love?? I go to court tomorrow on neglect charges cause I allowed my kids after three years and many tears and fights later to see their dad for the first time.  (kinda snapped.  They told my eight year old that he could have a supervised visit at his dad’s and then within two hours took it away.)

I didn’t know what else to do and now my husband is in jail.  I have given my mom guardianship of our daughter and my mother in law guardianship of our two boys.  I’m scared, I’m tired and the one person who can make this pain go away for a minute, I cant even touch.   I’m losing my grip on reality fast and my hopelessness is getting worse.  AND WHY?  BECAUSE I CHOSE TO FALL IN LOVE AND STAND BY MY HUSBAND

We have been together for 1 years and when I said till death do us part I meant it! Not one time did any attorneys tell us (including his own) that he would never be allowed to see his kids again.   I think when people go in on a sex crime that there should be a law
that states exactly what pleading guilty means.  People take plea bargains because they don’t understand or, in my husband’s case, he didn’t want to make it any harder on the victim than he already had.   He told the truth the whole time and by doing what he thought would help her he basically handed his own life to the system forever.   Nobody ever told us they said all he had to do was the time on plea bargain and supervised
probation.  Never telling him what it ment to be a sex offender.  These laws do not protect kids.  They are making the next generation grow up with no hope no dad/mom they are teaching them how bad our justice system really is.   The system in the long run is growing the next set of criminals.   OK, I’m sorry I just needed to talk.   I have been holding this all in for three years and no I’m ready to give up when i found your site.

so thanks

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