So Many Lawyers are Cowards!

originally posted 3/10/2010

I am a Sex offender in Pennsylvania. �I am new to finding that there are so many other sex offenders with the same problem(s) that i am
having in the world today. I am 32 years, and I have 3 step children and one of my own. I live a very quiet life because of my past and now I
think it’s time that I open up and talk to other person(s) with the the same problem(s) that I have. I am currently trying to fight Megan’s law in my
case. It’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least. I have stood alone in this the whole way because no attorney wants to represent me in any
way. I tell them what I want to do and then they run like cowards. �I am beliving that they are nothing but that – �cowards! I know that there are
people out there that are trying to do what I have been for years alone. The strength is going to be in numbers at this point – we cannot do this

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  1. originally posted 2010

    Yes, you are so right. �Lawyers are only interested in “how they look”. Had a lawyer say right to our faces with regard to our son,
    I can’t go in there with ‘that’ I would be laughed out of court. �”I
    have to think of my career”.
    The whole subject is “taboo”. �No one will touch it. �All the “feel
    good” laws are SAVING THE WORLD dont ya know.
    We all need to stand up it’s true. �I will admit my fear is just like the rest on this site. �Just need one Congressman to listen.
    It’s like rolling a boulder up hill.
    I will pray for your family.

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