Trapped in Darkest Place in the World

originally posted 4/6/2010

Our son was trapped by Virginia policemen and they sentenced him for 20 years for discussing child porn with an adult “friend” without any intent to harm any children.   This is in Stafford county in Virginia, the darkest place in the world, where judges don’t consider the sentences, but mentally sick DAs determine them.

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  1. comment originally added 2010

    All DA’s are looking for notches in their belt and dont care how they get them. �Big Brother is not only watching but taking over all our lives.

    �They should spend more time looking for the truly sick demented individuals who are preying on children. �The DA’s dont care how they

    prosecute as long as they get their man. �The defendant gets to say nothing and the “victim” is always right. �

    There is no more justice in this country. �It is “THE WITCH HUNT” of the 21st Century! �All stories are the same as far as Plea Bargains.

    �The Lawyers get their money, the Prosecuter gets its pound of flesh. �The defendent is left unemployable, homeless to become America’s

    biggest victim.

    All cases are not handled on their own circumstances, it is one package for all no matter what. �This nation is headed for disaster and

    everyone will be in PRISON and on the REGISTRY. �Then what John Walsh? �Everyone is paying for your son’s death, everyone who lives

    and breathes. All are punished equally across the board. �The childhood sweethearts, the guy relieving himself in the woods, the high school

    streaker, the parent teaching their children about the birds and bees, the parent with the photo of their child in the bath (who doesn’t have one

    of those?), the mother breast feeding her child in public? �All sex offenders ……….. �This is what it has come to read these stories and weep.

    �It gets worse every day.

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