An Animal Is Treated Better Than My Son!

originally posted 4/4/2010

My son, age 18, had consentual sex with a 14 year old, who said she was 17 years old. He was judically blackmailed by the DA to take a plea

When we first refused he changed the charges to make them more severe. After a year and a half of waiting for a trail we finally agreed to a
plea “deal”. I wish I could go back and redo that
decision. My son served 3 years in prison and has served 12 years in HELL as a registered sex offender. No job, no future, NO HOPE.

My family’s life or future has never been ‘normal’ since that day. We
spend most of our efforts and money trying to ‘fix’ a grown man, but
the restrictions placed on him as a Sex offender make him ‘unfixable.’
We recently relocated him to a small town and were working hard on
getting his own business started (finally a job that could be secure)
when the local paper published the county’s list of registered sex
offenders. My son was stunned to see his picture on the front page. He
sat on the sofa and wept uncontrollably. A grown man, age 31, crying like a 5 year old. It just breaks my heart!! All because a 18 year old boy
wanted to have sex with a girl who suggested it. And even said she suggested it.

An animal in a shelter is treated better than my son. It’s a disgrace
that politians build their careers on the backs of these young people.
The laws they pass do nothing to protect children from harm, it only
provides them a fail-safe political platform.

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  1. comment originally added 2010

    At one time I truly believed John Walsh was an
    asset to this country. While I still have a heart felt sorrow for his
    loss I no longer believe he is a positive force and means well.He is
    > �bound by bitterness and has created the American Inquisition. Judges,
    > �prosecutors, state,county and local police, courts and correction
    > �centers are in a feeding hysteria concerning sex offenders. Guess what
    > �John Walsh? I believe everyone, who presently is in America, should take
    > �a lie detector test. The test should include the question, have you ever
    > �touched someone of the opposite sex or did you ever have sex while in
    > �high school. If the results comes out positive. you should be locked up
    > �immediately for a minimum of 2 years put on probation for 2 years and
    > �have to register for the rest of your life. My suggestion is not
    > �offending if these tests begin with Mr. Walsh. Dick Zimmer, author of
    > �Megans law then with the members of congress, Executive, legislative and
    > �judici
    > �al branch. Then go to Federal and State judges and prosecutors,
    > �Federal,State County and local police depts. across this nation. The
    > �problem will be we couldn’t build enough prisons and the country will
    > �go bankrupt. Since there isn’t a statue of limitations I believe every
    > �male in this country should be concerned. Stop this damned insanity, not
    > �all sex offenders belong in the most heinous category but thats where
    > �our elected officials put them. Megans law and The Adam Walsh act
    > �violates the our rights, and no I am not a sex offender but I believe
    > �our country is taking away hope for these people which will lead to more
    serious problems in the future.

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