Putting People Where They Will Fail!

originally posted 3/30/2010

I am in support of this reform because my brother has served his time and we cannot find him a place to live because Ky laws say he cannot
live in a home with minor children, even though we would allow him too. I dont support what he did, but I dont believe in putting these people in
places where they will fail constantly. His crime, which was statutory rape, is also put into a broad category that makes him to be a monster
and/or (child molester) to the rest of the public which means no job either. Something has to change and I want to be part of it. These crimes
should be punishable and probation, and registry to law officials ONLY, is warranted, but if a family member agrees to allow this person to live
with them to help them get on their feet, then no one should have the right to say otherwise. This alone would help so many,like my brother,
who need help.

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