Poster Child for S.O. Law Reform

originally posted 3/28/2010

I have been indicted on 1 count of Receipt of Child Pornography while I was using Limewire. I havent had my trial yet, but I am fighting like hell
to change the laws and public perception regarding these charges, and this seems like the place to start. I want to talk to people and explain
the difference, and how EASY it is to get these videos by one simple click of the mouse button. I am 34yrs old, NEVER been in trouble, have no
criminal record of any sort, dont do drugs, rarely drink, have no interest in having sex with kids, and yet, the government wants to lock me up
for 13yrs! They want 1/3 of my life for something I had for 2 weeks on my computer but they fail to mention the other 100 plus gigs of music,
music videos, movies and legal pornography. The amount of illegal material was so small in comparison. I want to be heard, and want to talk to
people who can make a difference with this serious injustice of categorizing people who rape, kidnap, molest, and abuse children in with
people that have it only on their computer. I have no Facebook, Myspace, never chatted with any kids, never even had the slightest urge to.
How many families have to be destroyed, how many kids have to lose their Dads, how many before someone gets some common sense and
realizes that EVERYONE is different. Sign me up! I will the poster child to start the Reform.

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  1. commented originally added 2010

    My boyfriend’s son used limewire and downloaded child porn on his computer. �The son downloaded the material while using his father’s

    computer – we are only talking a few images, not hundreds. �Like you, the illegal content came through while downloading other legal

    materials. �The D.A. basically was going after him, no matter what. My boyfriend has led an exemplary life and there was no reason to believe

    he did it when you compare his record to his sons. It cost 20K just to get to a plea deal where he ended up pleading to one count – it would

    have cost another 20K+ to go to trial. �These are the costliest of trials, because of all the computer forensics involved. �His son who did the

    downloads is bipolar, a drug addict, and my boyfriend didn’t want to be in the position of defending himself against his troubled son – that was

    his choice. �My boyfriend went to jail for 4 months, is under house arrest for 6 months, but must now find a job, etc. �Basically, forget about

    ever getting a decent job even as a Level 1. �The laws are absurd and out of control. �With a first non-contact offense, one should not be put

    on the registry and should only get a misdemeanor if there is no other history. �This would go a long way at removing people who simply do

    not need monitoring. �Good luck – I pray for your success.

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