He Helped Me Raise My Child


We have been together for almost five years and he has helped me raise my daughter like she was his own.   He is a 2nd degree offender, so is registered for life.   We would like to move close to my family but are afraid to do so, because the strictness of MN offender laws.

That and when we lived in TX for about one year, the city ordinance people kept sending us fine after fine, because the lawn was too long, there was trash in the yard (we lived next to a gas station and on a windy day the yard would accumulate random garbage), so on and so forth. We asked the city ordinance manager if we were to move out of state within the next three months, would they kindly stop fining us?  The manager didn’t even bat an eye and was in agreement.

We had three months to move out. We paid more in fines in a month than electric, water, home mortgage, home and car insurance, etc., combined!  We just couldn’t do it anymore.   This was all because of the offense my fiance committed about 20 years ago … with his EX-WIFE (Romeo & Juliet case – and they even got married after he served his time!).  So now, as his family and with my TOTALLY CLEAN RECORD… we must endure his pain and suffering as well.

Because people can search him out, and since I am with him – I must be
guilty by association. My daughter is now turning six… how will this
effect her? I don’t want her to think any less of her step-daddy. They love each other.

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  1. comment originally added 2010

    From this manB4s mother:

    Some of these young men have had their lives taken away unjustly, and I do think that young women who are having sex with their boyfriends should have to shoulder half of the responsabilty of
    that relationship. A boy who simply turns 18 before his girlfriend does not a sex offender make.

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