Sexual Immorality Runs the Media

originally posted 7/27/2010

When my son was 21 he was kissing a 13 year old girl.  The girl’s mother was relentless and wanted him locked away for life.   He was in jail for seven months, did three years’ probation and now is on lifetime supervision (which was never explained to us when we took the plea to keep him out of jail) for up to ten years.

He has had two counselors who said that he is at very low risk of reoffending (he was never in any trouble before), many of the people in authority that he talks to agree that he is a low risk yet he is on lifetime supervision.  Whenever my daughter is here with my two grandchildren, he cannot be at home. He is
not allowed to talk to them on the phone or see pictures of them.

He cannot afford to live elsewhere right now. We found out that if he makes any mistakes, it is automatically a felony charge against him, for the rest of his life. The girl has since apologized and said that it was just a kiss, it was mutual and she never meant it to go to court.  No one seems to care.

I see first hand that he is treated like a monster.  In a country where we allow such sexual immorality to run the media, how is it that there can be such condemnation for a sexual mistake?  What hypocrisy.  This has consumed our lives for the last four years. My heart aches for the ones who have no one to help them.  They have no chance at justice.  Thank you for listening.  I will keep your website on my computer so i can see if there is something that I can do to make people aware of the fact that these young men are never done with punishment.  In no way is this any kind of condoning of sexual crimes, it is just asking where is the justice in all of it?

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