Ridiculous Restrictions Cause Recidivism

originally posted 7/19/2010
My son pled no contest to robbery in 1999.   He received a seven year sentence.  Somewhere around 2000-2001 while in prison he was again charged and took a guilty plea (indecent exposure) for exposing himself to a female correctional officer.   At the time he was 19 or 20 years old locked behind bars. He was paroled in 2005 just before turning 25 years old.   He later failed a drug test administered by his parole officer and was taken back to jail on a parole violation.    When he was released the second time he was made to wear a GPS device which prohibited his ability to live with friends or family and caused him to become homeless.

I would like to know what type of programs, if any are available to help rehabilitate him.   My son told me that he does not qualify for programs he has tried to get into because of his record.   I found that hard to believe but I called the 211 number to find out and was told that because the crime he committed at age 18 (he will soon be 30) is considered a violent crime and he has a sex offense that he does not qualify for any programs available.   You can get into a program with one or the other not both. I was told that because of his unique combination there are no programs for him.

He is not allowed to live in any homeless shelters and there are simply no programs for violent (robbery) sex-offenders (indecent exposure).   At this time he is now back in prison for failing to register and facing more prison time.

I wish to point out that during his probation he was not allowed to live within something like 2000 feet of a school, park or any other place where children might congregate.  He was required to wear a leg GPS device.  He live mostly in his car during that time because not many places exist in San Diego or the area he was allowed to travel due to the GPS device that are not within 2000 feet of a school, park or place where children congregate.   I did not believe it when I heard it but after meeting with his probation officer I found it to be true.   Once he came to my home to shower and fell asleep on the couch.  The next time he met with his parole officer he was told if he did it again they would lock him up.

It seems like many circumstances surrounding his trying to change his lifestyle are nearly impossible and cause for his recidivism.   Someone please help.

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