originally posted 5/23/2010

Social Services built a pretty hefty case against me, all circling around the  fact that I am “encouraging” my children to be in a relationship with a high-risk offender, and that I must be “grooming” them for him.   This is what I    am fighting.   I don’t know if this is a legal point or not.   I believe I am in     need of a pro-s.o. lawyer.  I don’t know if they can take my children from     me if I refuse to cut contact between him and them.

They draw him pictures and make him art projects and occasionally, about once a month talk to him on the phone.  He has a very active part in their     life as co-parent with me.  Keep in mind, his crime was not against anyone violently, or against prepubescent children.  He never raped or molested anyone as his offense.  And furthermore, my children are not related to anyone he was involved with, nor are they his “victims”.

I could really use some advice about this if anyone else in RSOL has run across the matter I am dealing with.  A social worker is coming over to talk    to me.  I think I am going to ask questions and take notes as to what their objectives are and then try to figure out how the heck I am going to afford         a lawyer for this mess, or pray that I find a lawyer who is willing to do some pro bono work.

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