No Justice in Laws That Threaten and Lure

originally posted 5/22/2010

As long as the law can threaten, promise,  and lure, there will be no justice.   The law needs to be reformed.   Mass hysteria has to stop.  The public needs to be educated.

The Sex Offender Registry is unconstitutional!  What about people who commit murder?  Or drunk drivers who kill innocent people? They don’t   have to register. THIS LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED:   There is a          difference between “PREDATOR” and “NO RISK OFFENDER”.   I checked my papers on my first year of registration and it said I would have to      register for five more years after probation.   The next year I checked, it   then said I had to register for life!   That’s B.S.   I am a God-fearing man and     I have paid my debt to society with thousands of dollars. I never failed one polygraph, or a plethysmograph which women offenders don’t have to take. It’s time for a change before everybody in the world becomes a registered offender!  It’s time to end registering of offenders who are not a threat or danger to children or anyone.  I can’t even get a job because they won’t hire felons but they will hire illegal immigrants.

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