A Minor S.O. Now Committed for Life!

originally posted 5/18/2010
This is a brief letter to give you background information on ourselves, our situation and our son.   He was convicted of a sexual offense against a        minor and sentenced to a term of three years, of which he was required to serve 85%.   He has done so, he was due to get out in April, 2010, after   serving his sentence.   But NOW he has been civilly committed in New         Jersey, and is subject to confinement for an indefinite period to time.

Can he be helped;  has anyone fought civil commitment successfully and    won their release?

Do you have any information we might be able to use to challenge this      unfair practice?

At present we are using the Public Advocate as his attorney. Can you        provide us with any additional information and/or help?   We have a           limited amount of resources as myself and my husband are both disabled. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

A distraught mother of a juvenile offender, now in civil commitment

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