Bipolar Son May Have Problems with Polygraph

originally posted 5/13/2010

My son is bipolar and was 19 when he had CONSENSUAL sex with two girls (each almost 14 years of age).   The acts were separate.   Both girls never wavered from their original police statement that the sex was consensual.       The judge ruled from the bench that it was consensual.   Yet he received ten  years’ probation and will be a registered SO for life.   I worry if he will be     able to pass a polygraph since he is bipolar and on medications.

I want to help get these ridiculous laws changed.   It is my belief that they     are unconstitutional.

1 thought on “Bipolar Son May Have Problems with Polygraph

  1. “almost 14”? So you mean 13. A 13 year old is incapable of true concent. The behavioral centers of their brain aren’t developed, and that’s one of the main reasons that statutory rape is illegal. That’s why your adult son got 10 years probation. These laws exist for a reason.

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