Child Branded Predatory for Life

originally posted 8/25/2010

I have the right to vote and a clean criminal record but I’m registered in Iowa for an offense occurring 13 or more years ago when I was between 10 and 12.   With court dragging out for eight years and a deferred judgement placing me on the registry at 18.   Due to my charges being what they are the Department of criminal investigations /SOR sent me a letter stating that I will be registered for life.   My (ahem!) victim is willing to make a statement on my behalf as she feels that playing doctor at age 10 does not make me an evil sexual deviant and persons from the Iowa department of corrections are also willing to back me. If I can’t have my freedom and liberty then I will have my freedom posthumously because the Government that I once loved and depended on has defecated on my rights.

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