Daughter Had No Criminal History

originally posted 8/24/2010

My daughter had no criminal history at all.   Someone she met online sent her a couple images of what appeared to be minors in sex acts.   She didn’t report this, didn’t ask for the pictures, didn’t forward the pictures to anyone.   For having these pictures on her computer she received five years probation and is now on the registry for 20 years!   Her lawyer convinced her to plead guilty to avoid jail time and also lead her to believe she wouldn’t have to register.   The laws desperately need to be changed!  She had to register for her offense along with people who have raped children.  That makes no sense at all.  She lost her job because of this along with so much more.

People who don’t know a sex offender, don’t really know what’s going on!  They need to know!  I’m thankful to have found this website.   Hopefully together we can get some changes made.

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