Facing 5 Yrs Prison For Wanting to Stay Dry!

originally posted 8/24/2010
My friend was wrongfully convicted of a sex crime against a girl that he did not know was underage.   He kissed her and touched her breast after she came on to him.   The District Attorney had it in for him because he dated the D.A.’s daughter.   He pled guilty because his court appointed lawyer told him “she couldn’t fight the DA on this one and it would be in his best interest to plead guilty”.   He is being harassed unfairly now that he is out of jail by the law here and none of the other sex offenders are being harassed.

He went to Florida where he unknowingly stayed with his girlfriend for five nights (nonconsecutive) because the tent he was living in – which the state told him to live in(under a bridge) was getting wet from rain.   He was arrested in Florida for being within 1000 yards of a park.   He is now looking at 5 years in prison because he just wanted to be dry.   This in itself is criminal and unjust.

I feel that our ‘wonderful’ United States is no longer a democratic nation, but one of people who are selfish, unjust and very crooked.   I have seen too many people go through our system unjustly and others that do deserve more punishment are set free. we have a man who murdered his friend by gunshot in cold blood high on a crack binge let out after two months in jail.   Where is the justice????  What has happened to our nation?  Who have we become????

We NEED HELP keeping our children safe from the real predators, not ones who have been run through the system unjustly.  Why are we wasting Police time on ‘sex offenders’ that are truly not sex offenders when we have such a shortage of police help for more serious crimes??  Not everyone LABELED SEX OFFENDER is truly a sex offender.

My friend was good enough for our D.A.’s daughter for four years, why all of a sudden is he supposed to go to prison for crimes he did not commit?   He is someone”s son and brother and he is loved as well.   His life is OVER.   When he commits suicide because he can’t take anymore … who is to blame?

ALL of you people who can’t see through the red tape – YOU are to blame!

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