Every Time We Hear a Child Cry Behind Us…

originally posted 8/22/2010

I think that the sex offenders who keep on taking advantage of the system and the ones that are really dangerous are not on the registry.   But the ones like me who have made a life for myself and their families also take the hits from the laws.

My employer knows that I’m on the registry and has gotten calls about me.  But he says he has never lost a client because of me.   It’s a form of discrimination against those who lead normal lives.   The Constitution protects against this.

They say children do not lie; they will say almost anything to keep from getting in trouble.   They also twist your words and play mind games to confuse you to slip up and say what they want to hear.  Of course if you don’t have enough money you get the worst deal and railroaded into jail.

I remarried and I have had an influence on the lives of two minor children that are out of school.  One is a freshman in college.  I really don’t think the system is made for people like me and others like me who are reformed.  I also think that if God can forgive me for my mistakes, the American public can let the past stay in the past.  I walk down the street every day and in many stores every week, but I still feel like I am in JAIL.  That’s a bad feeling!

Because, like the other reformed people, we keep looking over our shoulders EVERY TIME WE HEAR A CHILD CRY BEHIND US IN THE STORE!

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