Judge Allows Appeal of Status

originally posted 8/20/2010

My son is in prison for using Limewire and Frostwire and looking for adult porn; unfortunately he clicked on a few wrong pictures and now is in prison.   He is not an SO and he was 20 when this happened.  He got 15 months, one year probation.   The best of all is that the judge gave us room to appeal the status. He stated that my son was not an SO and the only reason that he had to give him that status is because the laws state that anyone who does anything with sex is considered an SO.  There are to many young adults getting caught up in this especially with the internet and these young adults have their life ruined. We are appealing the status because of the violation of due process and equal treatment under the law.   The judge gave him plenty to work with.   We are hoping that this could possibly help all the people that have the status.   Once you do your time and are set free that should be it.   No other crime
has websites and registration.   The SO status is getting way out of hand.

Thank you for your response.   I would love for you to put this out there.   I want others to have hope.   Not only is this going to help my son, if we win, but it could possibly help others that are on the registry as well.   Once you do your time for any crime you commit that should be it.   I understand this is a  “hot-button” issue right now and I understand that there are people who hurt children but there are also many more crimes out there and we don’t have a registry out there for all crimes.   This judge has given my family hope that we can fight this and win.  I promised my son I would fight for him while he is in prison, where he should not be.   When can anyone make a mistake and end it there?  He is into cars and girls.   No one can be forgiven.   I also read an article that as long as states put people on this registry they receive federal money. This is a bunch of BS.   They are destroying lives.   It reminds me of suing people when you feel you are wronged; it’s gotten way out of hand.   All my friends and family are behind my son and would let him babysit their kids anytime.  He is very open and honest.  He has lost so much and I don’t want him losing anymore.  He is paying for being stupid and immature, but he shouldn’t have to pay the rest of his life and neither should anyone else.  One other thing is they found numerous videos on his computer and he didn’t even see them, they were just sent through this share program.  Why doesn’t the FBI go after those making the videos and taking the pictures and shut down these share programs that allow these things to go through the program?  If they can do it for music, I recently heard that they did close down some programs who shared music, why not this porn?  There needs to be something done.

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