Husband Refuses to Lie

originally posted 8/18/2010
My husband is a so-called “sex offender”, or so says his ex-wife.  She took their daughter to many different psychologists who finally told her what she wanted to hear.

Twenty years later, while driving a tractor trailer through CA, he was stopped due to a minor traffic accident (which was not his fault).   He was immediately arrested due to the old incident and thrown in jail. The company he worked for left him in CA and fired him on the spot with no way home.  We live in Kentucky.

At that time CA had a law on the books that said she could drag anyone, whether or not she knew them, off the street to say he had molested them, or someone they knew, and they would immediately arrest him again for another trial. Therefore we had to take a plea agreement.

Now mind you that the doctor’s paperwork said this girl was still a virgin although they were claiming that she had been raped.  Three years later there was paperwork saying she was badly bruised in the same area although my husband was long gone out of the state. Yet he was still found guilty. Needless to say, this has cost us thousand of dollars that we didn’t have.  This was right before all of the priests were found out, also in California, and all of them were released without a trial and NOT put in any sex offender books.

We now have a lawyer in CA trying to help us. This is the fourth time she has gone to trial to help my husband. According to her, his charges are supposed to be dropped altogether.  The judge wants to make his charges into a misdemeanor and yet keep him on the sex offender books and make him continue to register as a sex offender.  Thank God we had a great probation officer here in KY that believed in him.

According to KY laws you have to go through two years of counseling, once a week.  To get out of this you must admit what you have done and show being all better and properly sorry.  My husband could not do this as he didn’t commit the crime in the first place and his probation officer somehow got him out of it. He, my husband, does not believe in lying.  He was a youth minister until he was arrested. Since then he and the rest of his family have been treated like nothing more than riffraff and ousted from the community. Our son had to quit his senior year of high school as he could no longer stand to be called a pedophile, or hear all the crap about his mother and father and what horrible people we are.

I can not begin to tell you the hell this has put us through, even to this day. We no longer judge people who’ve been arrested, whether or not they are found innocent or guilty. There is too much that isn’t said to believe one way or another.  This has changed our lives in so many ways.  This has changed my husband so horribly.  He is not, and never will be again, the man I married although his son and I still love him dearly.  This has got to quit.  How can that judge in CA drop his case to a misdemeanor and yet still keep him on all the books, etc.  It sure sounds like double jeopardy to me!  His attorney goes back in front of the same judge (for the third time) tomorrow (Monday, August 16th). Please keep us in your prayers.

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